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A Brief History of Mundaring Arts Centre


Located in the quaint, culturally relevant town of Mundaring, the Mundaring Arts Centre is a pillar of the community dedicated to the education and happiness of its people. Although small, the Mundaring Arts Centre is one of the most relevant art centers in the area, featuring a wide variety of artists and culturally relevant individuals.

Managed by a small, dedicated collective of board members and volunteers, the Mundaring Arts Centre hosts numerous shows and community events as well as being a place where members of the community can connect and learn about our roots at

Focused on Cultural Education

Built on the foundation that arts and culture can help strengthen the surrounding community, the dedicated people that run the Mundaring Arts Centre have not lost focus of their goal, which first and foremost, is to give back to the people. Art has long been a part of how humans view and explain the world around us, and it is this idea that is at the heart of Mundaring Arts Centre’s overall goal of educating the public.

What makes Mundaring Arts Centre unique is the dedicated volunteers that have historically run the establishment. Free of any large party control, the Mundaring Arts Centre is run by a small board of directors, educators, and most importantly, volunteers. Consisting of local artists, educators, and kind-hearted individuals, the backbone of the Mundaring Arts Centre is benevolence and a focus on the greater good.

Don’t miss the many unique and educational events held monthly by the Mundaring Arts Centre.