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Touring the Town


So much of what makes art and humanity so interconnected is that it is a universal language, even a language to those that cannot speak. In some ways, it acts as a way for us to communicate without saying a world. Same goes for travel. Getting to see and experience other places and culture is a way for us to connect with one another in ways that cannot be done otherwise.

One of the best ways to tour is through limo services. Offering a way to take the guesswork out of a new destination, limo tours are a great way to experience the sights and sounds of the city without knowing anything about it. Limo Grand Rapids is one such company that gives people a glimpse into the culturally relevant city of Grand Rapids, ad is especially useful for those that are not from the state.

In a state

Largely known for its largest city, Detroit, Limo Grand Rapids gets people familiar with the other side of the state, the side that may be lesser known, but still has all of the bells and whistles of the other side. Offering airport limo service, the company has a long track record for success, and the ability to show anybody the entire state at a low price. No matter where you are from and where you want to go to in Michigan, the company is the best place to start.

From the bustling cultural scene in Grand Rapids to the laid back country life of the surrounding areas, there is much to see in the state, and much of it that is not covered in mainstream media. And  while the East side does have a lot to offer, the west side has just as much. A side that can all be seen from the comfort of a limo.

The shift to more intelligent art


Art has always been the practice of those with a creative mind and something to comment on the world around them. it takes a special kind of mind to take the world around them and communicate their findings with the rest of the people. With that in mind, we as a culture need to realize that as our world changes so does our perception of art.

It is for this reason that we have incorporated new ideas into our form of community outreach. What I mean by this is that we have taken concepts far beyond that of our normal conception of art and applied them to how we view the world.

What this means

We understand that in the ever-changing artistic landscape that we need to think of the betterment of the community. Our perception of art may mean one thing, but it is something entirely different gauging what advertising means to the community.

Consider for example the art of advertising. It is meant to sell a product, which art is seldom responsible for. However, we understand that this sale contributes to the well being of the community around us. At Mundaring Arts Centre, we are aware of the fact that art may not be universal, but that humanity is.

Join us as we use are rich community involvement not only to better the world around us, but also to perhaps redefine the definition of art itself.

The evolution of art


Art is what separates us from the rest. We understand that the human experience is on that should be documented and celebrated. However, it is this same idea that allows us to understand that the definition of art is open to interpretation.

Think about art in a historical sense, it acted as a medium in which a select few individuals could communicate the musings of the general population. Art has, and always will be the voice of the people. Art is at a crucial point in history, during which the way it is being presented to the public is changing at a rapid rate.

As a result

We support a wide variety of local businesses, knowing that art can come in many forms, being that it is the voice of the people. We understand that in order to build a perfect community, art must be harnessed for the benevolent force that it is.

Art can speak to people and it can speak for people. All of our artistic endeavors are made possible by our local sponsors and the people that believe in what we do. One can’t always predict the evolution of art, but they can count on its importance to humanity. At Mundaring Arts Centre, we are dedicated to providing our community with that tools it needs to become truly great.

Join us and our sponsors in enriching the world around us and sharing the joy of art with anybody willing to listen.


Art in Advertising


As part of today’s business landscape, people often ask me how art pertains to the world of business. Often seen as an outlet for creativity and entertainment, art is sometimes considered as not crucial to everyday life. However, if you notice how advertisements are presented and what they represent, you will discover that there is a great deal of art in advertising.

The savvy consumer knows when they are being sold something, and oftentimes they are resistant to that idea. This means that in order to appeal to intelligent customers, companies must implement intelligent advertisements. This means appealing to a more artistic and intellectual audience, and connecting with viewers on a deeper level.

An example of this

In the video below we see an advertisement for a beverage. But instead of using normal looking people doing normal things, we see a sort of artistic period piece in the way the set is designed. It also mentions the forefathers of America, which not only appeals to intellectuals, but patriots as well.

Also notice that the spokesman could either be living in ye olden times or a hip metropolitan city. It is this nuance that makes this commercial special, in that it covers a lot of artistic themes all while still trying to sell a product.

If you think art is just for the creatives, think again. It extends to all areas of life, business, and enjoyment. Art can be used to inspire, sell, and help us relate to others on level that can only be described as human.

Making a difference through sponsorship


As stated in a previous post, the Mundaring Arts Centre is about more than just sharing art and art education with the community. Much of our social impact comes with the help of our sponsorship. They are the unsung heroes of social change, and are often the reason we are able to so heavily impact the community around us.

Everything is made possible through the help of others, usually local sponsors. For us, is an example of a local business stepping up to the plate and giving back to the community. The reason that their presence is so important is that it also allows us to expand beyond the scope of art and offer valuable services.

We learned about Blake’s after exploring their site and reading their great article reviewing the Strongbow brand, realizing that they are exactly the type of business we need to help the community expand.


The value of expansive learning

By branching out into other realms and by contracting other companies, it becomes possible for everyone involved to increase their knowledge base. At Mundaring Arts Centre, our main focus is not art, but rather the best way to encourage prosperity in the community. Outreach is nothing without the help of other dedicated individuals willing to share their expertise with others.

Much like Blake’s, which is home to a great review about Woodchuck alternatives, Mudaring is home to ideas about how to make the community great. Understanding that we are all connected in a very real way is the cornerstone to building a better world, one step at a time. We hope that by setting an example of how to work with other companies, people will get an idea of how to become more active members in their community.

Help us help the community

As we try to expand our knowledge and the services we offer, we hope to gain the help of other companies within the community and become privy to their unique brand of information. Blake’s hard cider is just one of the companies that has helped our company bring the community together in a real and practical manner.

Bringing the Community Together


A common misconception about Mundaring Arts Centre is that we only offer art-based services. And although this is our primary goal, we also focus on uplifting our surrounding community by enriching the lives of those within it. This can mean anything from community service programs to educational seminars that teach residents how to become better members of the community.

When people hear of our events, they are sometimes surprised at what we do for the community. From charity golf events to community potlucks, we understand that there are many ways to interact with the community, oftentimes in ways that people deem unconventional.

A prime example

When people ask me what event stands out the most as an unconventional way to connect with the community was a seminar on how to make homemade apple cider. A group of underprivileged children were taken to a local apple orchard, where they picked fresh apples for the project.

The apples were then taken to our center, where the children were taught how to press, spice, and bottle the cider. This was followed by a fundraiser where the cider was sold to the community by the kids themselves, and the money was used to improve local schools in the area.

This is just one example of how arts centres can impact people on a cultural level that extends beyond art. In showing the children how to make their own cider, they were taught important life lessons and given an opportunity to directly improve the world around them.

Pop Culture and Art


If you’ve ever taken an art history class, it becomes very clear that as culture shifts. so does the conception of art. If you were to show the greats of history like Michelangelo and Caravaggio a meme, they would probably laugh in your face. Conversely, if you had a modern artist depicting the crucifixion of Jesus, you may think to yourself “Hasn’t that been done before?”

These divergent ideas are what makes art so special. There of course is no “better” or “worse” “form of art, it’s simply relative to the time and the thoughts of the people. In a way, art is the chamber in which people voice their opinion. Art that is accepted by the people reflects the way they think.

And the landscape continues to change

Art is not a static cultural element. As culture changes so does art and what people consider art. The Internet is likely the largest shift in culture, and largely redefined what art is. And while people may like or dislike this fact, it is undeniable that large culture shifts change what art is on all levels.

One may argue that the Internet has opened the door for a lot of low quality art, and a flooding of the market. But one can also argue that it is the best thing to ever happen to it. It allows much more people to share their work, whereas in the old days, art was reserved for those with the time and money needed to create it.

You be the judge.

Why art is important to the community


Depending on whom you ask, art is made for the individual, not the community. And while art is often a conduit for creative expression and an outlet for emotion, but there are many ways in which art positively impacts communities.

Think about this for a second. Pretty much any time there is  tragedy, communities come together to support one another and remind us why we are human. At the center of many community engagements are the artists that paint murals and make crafts to commemorate the event.

Art is universal

Philosophers have long discussed art and how it speaks to us as human beings. From the conception of beauty, to how it has changed throughout history, art has been a part of every culture in history. A way to explain the world around them and capture their idea of beauty, art is crucial to being a human.

And while the concept of art has changed drastically throughout the years, the concepts remain the same. Art continues to help us connect with our past and explain our future. So how does that apply today?

Art in the community today

As schools begin to cut budgets, art programs are often the first to get cut. However, many public institutions have stepped up to the plate and began implementing community arts programs that ensure that we don’t lose what art has taught us and how crucial it is to our lives as human beings.

Communities thrive on togetherness and sharing creative ideas, and for this, there is nothing that will ever replace art.

The Fading Presence of Physical Art


In a day where digital media reigns king, it has become increasingly more difficult to host and support the idea of physical art. It seems as though sometimes our minds move too fast and we lose sight of what got us to the point we are at. This is happening increasingly more with the move from physical art to an almost solely digital art community.

What does this mean? It means that while technology certainly is a great asset to the art community, we, as artists need to remember the importance of physical art. Sure, looking at a digital image and physical image are essentially the same, but one allows you to better share the experience with others, to feel what the artist wanted you to feel.

But the world is simply becoming digital

There is no denying this trend, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, there is something we can do in order to preserve the idea of physical art, which is making an effort to volunteer for local cultural programs. At Mundaring Arts Centre, we host a number of community projects to help engage others and maintain a human connection. From gallery showcases to community outreach, physical art is immortalized in the people that support the community through action.

At the end of the day, technology may be what we are trending toward, but people are what makes us tick. Don’t forget to volunteer for your art community and ensure that physical art is not forgotten.

The Importance of Art


In school districts looking to cut back on their budget, art programs are often the first to be cut. The logic behind this is that it does not stack up with other subjects in terms of working in the real world. And while many would argue that this is true, the importance of art cannot be understated.

Studies have shown that the benefits of art extend way beyond the ability to create. Art education, especially in young students is crucial in the development of motor skills, critical thinking, expression, and a number of other skills needed to interact with the world around them. By taking away art classes, many schools are not giving students a well-rounded education, while also taking some of the fun out of attending school.

Save the arts

You may be thinking that getting rid of arts is a natural progression toward an educational system more focused on the working world. However, as stated before, this truly limits students in their abilities and may create a workforce that is devoid of self expression and creativity.

Part of being a good worker and member of society hinges upon the ability to connect with others, which art is crucial in forming. In some ways, the “fun” associated with art is the exact thing that makes students and eventual workers more understanding and empathetic toward those around them.

Fortunately, many nonprofit organizations have made it a point to fund and offer outside education for the arts, which allows students to learn the important lessons that art has to teach them.