Why art is important to the community


Depending on whom you ask, art is made for the individual, not the community. And while art is often a conduit for creative expression and an outlet for emotion, but there are many ways in which art positively impacts communities.

Think about this for a second. Pretty much any time there is  tragedy, communities come together to support one another and remind us why we are human. At the center of many community engagements are the artists that paint murals and make crafts to commemorate the event.

Art is universal

Philosophers have long discussed art and how it speaks to us as human beings. From the conception of beauty, to how it has changed throughout history, art has been a part of every culture in history. A way to explain the world around them and capture their idea of beauty, art is crucial to being a human.

And while the concept of art has changed drastically throughout the years, the concepts remain the same. Art continues to help us connect with our past and explain our future. So how does that apply today?

Art in the community today

As schools begin to cut budgets, art programs are often the first to get cut. However, many public institutions have stepped up to the plate and began implementing community arts programs that ensure that we don’t lose what art has taught us and how crucial it is to our lives as human beings.

Communities thrive on togetherness and sharing creative ideas, and for this, there is nothing that will ever replace art.

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