The shift to more intelligent art


Art has always been the practice of those with a creative mind and something to comment on the world around them. it takes a special kind of mind to take the world around them and communicate their findings with the rest of the people. With that in mind, we as a culture need to realize that as our world changes so does our perception of art.

It is for this reason that we have incorporated new ideas into our form of community outreach. What I mean by this is that we have taken concepts far beyond that of our normal conception of art and applied them to how we view the world.

What this means

We understand that in the ever-changing artistic landscape that we need to think of the betterment of the community. Our perception of art may mean one thing, but it is something entirely different gauging what advertising means to the community.

Consider for example the art of advertising. It is meant to sell a product, which art is seldom responsible for. However, we understand that this sale contributes to the well being of the community around us. At Mundaring Arts Centre, we are aware of the fact that art may not be universal, but that humanity is.

Join us as we use are rich community involvement not only to better the world around us, but also to perhaps redefine the definition of art itself.

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