The Importance of Art


In school districts looking to cut back on their budget, art programs are often the first to be cut. The logic behind this is that it does not stack up with other subjects in terms of working in the real world. And while many would argue that this is true, the importance of art cannot be understated.

Studies have shown that the benefits of art extend way beyond the ability to create. Art education, especially in young students is crucial in the development of motor skills, critical thinking, expression, and a number of other skills needed to interact with the world around them. By taking away art classes, many schools are not giving students a well-rounded education, while also taking some of the fun out of attending school.

Save the arts

You may be thinking that getting rid of arts is a natural progression toward an educational system more focused on the working world. However, as stated before, this truly limits students in their abilities and may create a workforce that is devoid of self expression and creativity.

Part of being a good worker and member of society hinges upon the ability to connect with others, which art is crucial in forming. In some ways, the “fun” associated with art is the exact thing that makes students and eventual workers more understanding and empathetic toward those around them.

Fortunately, many nonprofit organizations have made it a point to fund and offer outside education for the arts, which allows students to learn the important lessons that art has to teach them.

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