Pop Culture and Art


If you’ve ever taken an art history class, it becomes very clear that as culture shifts. so does the conception of art. If you were to show the greats of history like Michelangelo and Caravaggio a meme, they would probably laugh in your face. Conversely, if you had a modern artist depicting the crucifixion of Jesus, you may think to yourself “Hasn’t that been done before?”

These divergent ideas are what makes art so special. There of course is no “better” or “worse” “form of art, it’s simply relative to the time and the thoughts of the people. In a way, art is the chamber in which people voice their opinion. Art that is accepted by the people reflects the way they think.

And the landscape continues to change

Art is not a static cultural element. As culture changes so does art and what people consider art. The Internet is likely the largest shift in culture, and largely redefined what art is. And while people may like or dislike this fact, it is undeniable that large culture shifts change what art is on all levels.

One may argue that the Internet has opened the door for a lot of low quality art, and a flooding of the market. But one can also argue that it is the best thing to ever happen to it. It allows much more people to share their work, whereas in the old days, art was reserved for those with the time and money needed to create it.

You be the judge.

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