Making a difference through sponsorship


As stated in a previous post, the Mundaring Arts Centre is about more than just sharing art and art education with the community. Much of our social impact comes with the help of our sponsorship. They are the unsung heroes of social change, and are often the reason we are able to so heavily impact the community around us.

Everything is made possible through the help of others, usually local sponsors. For us, is an example of a local business stepping up to the plate and giving back to the community. The reason that their presence is so important is that it also allows us to expand beyond the scope of art and offer valuable services.

We learned about Blake’s after exploring their site and reading their great article reviewing the Strongbow brand, realizing that they are exactly the type of business we need to help the community expand.


The value of expansive learning

By branching out into other realms and by contracting other companies, it becomes possible for everyone involved to increase their knowledge base. At Mundaring Arts Centre, our main focus is not art, but rather the best way to encourage prosperity in the community. Outreach is nothing without the help of other dedicated individuals willing to share their expertise with others.

Much like Blake’s, which is home to a great review about Woodchuck alternatives, Mudaring is home to ideas about how to make the community great.¬†Understanding that we are all connected in a very real way is the cornerstone to building a better world, one step at a time. We hope that by setting an example of how to work with other companies, people will get an idea of how to become more active members in their community.

Help us help the community

As we try to expand our knowledge and the services we offer, we hope to gain the help of other companies within the community and become privy to their unique brand of information. Blake’s hard cider is just one of the companies that has helped our company bring the community together in a real and practical manner.

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