Bringing the Community Together


A common misconception about Mundaring Arts Centre is that we only offer art-based services. And although this is our primary goal, we also focus on uplifting our surrounding community by enriching the lives of those within it. This can mean anything from community service programs to educational seminars that teach residents how to become better members of the community.

When people hear of our events, they are sometimes surprised at what we do for the community. From charity golf events to community potlucks, we understand that there are many ways to interact with the community, oftentimes in ways that people deem unconventional.

A prime example

When people ask me what event stands out the most as an unconventional way to connect with the community was a seminar on how to make homemade apple cider. A group of underprivileged children were taken to a local apple orchard, where they picked fresh apples for the project.

The apples were then taken to our center, where the children were taught how to press, spice, and bottle the cider. This was followed by a fundraiser where the cider was sold to the community by the kids themselves, and the money was used to improve local schools in the area.

This is just one example of how arts centres can impact people on a cultural level that extends beyond art. In showing the children how to make their own cider, they were taught important life lessons and given an opportunity to directly improve the world around them.

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