Art in Advertising


As part of today’s business landscape, people often ask me how art pertains to the world of business. Often seen as an outlet for creativity and entertainment, art is sometimes considered as not crucial to everyday life. However, if you notice how advertisements are presented and what they represent, you will discover that there is a great deal of art in advertising.

The savvy consumer knows when they are being sold something, and oftentimes they are resistant to that idea. This means that in order to appeal to intelligent customers, companies must implement intelligent advertisements. This means appealing to a more artistic and intellectual audience, and connecting with viewers on a deeper level.

An example of this

In the video below we see an advertisement for a beverage. But instead of using normal looking people doing normal things, we see a sort of artistic period piece in the way the set is designed. It also mentions the forefathers of America, which not only appeals to intellectuals, but patriots as well.

Also notice that the spokesman could either be living in ye olden times or a hip metropolitan city. It is this nuance that makes this commercial special, in that it covers a lot of artistic themes all while still trying to sell a product.

If you think art is just for the creatives, think again. It extends to all areas of life, business, and enjoyment. Art can be used to inspire, sell, and help us relate to others on level that can only be described as human.

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